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E Commerce

You can stay focused on your internet success while maximizing your online Processing.With an ecommerce.

Mobile Apps

With a mobile app your customers can easily make purchases without the hassles of waiting for your website.

Point Of Sale

With a POS system from CardNetPay, you get a powerful, yet simple solution designed for your Business.


Take your best processing business where you want to go with a wireless Point Of Sale system from CardNetPay.


Grow your business while Processing with professional image with a countertop terminal from CardNetPay.

Merchant For Small Business

As an entrepreneur,you know that success comes from a combination of positive factors.Join us and see success.






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High risk merchant account in USA

Jack Milton


wireless standard point of sale system in USA

Vanessa Lowrens

Risk Department

merchant account system for online payment in USA

Alex Bolton

Sales Head


Payment Processing to Grow Your Business

All the flexibility you need to keep up with your customers.

easy processing

With a merchant account you can process credit and debit cards.We make it simple.


Are you paying too much for your current card processing? We can evaluate rate.

Mobile Payment

All Accept payments wherever you go. We provide Mobile app is free.Apply for it if you want.

Online Payment

Accept in-person,e-commerce,mail and phone order payments using our secure solution.

Manage payment Easy

Our online easy interface reporting system gives you the information to manage it simpe.

Apply Merchant

Simple Solutions for Your Business.for easy to understand rates and payment solutions Apply.


Virtual Terminal

$49 Per month

  • Visa MasterCard Keyed Consumer 2.6 %
  • Visa MasterCard Keyed Corporate 2.7 %
  • MasterCard Keyed High-Spend 2.4 %
  • MasterCard Keyed Premium 2.9 %
  • Visa Keyed Infinite 2.8 %


$39 Per month

  • Visa Master Swipe-Chip Corporate 2.2 %
  • Visa Master Swipe-Chip Consumer 1.9 %
  • Visa Swipe-Chip Privilege 2.8 %
  • MasterCard Swipe-Chip Premium 2.9 %
  • Visa Master Swipe-Chip High-Spend 1.6 %


$85 Per month

  • Visa Master Swipe-Chip Corporate 2.4 %
  • Visa Master Swipe-Chip Consumer 1.7 %
  • Visa Swipe-Chip Privilege 2.9 %
  • MasterCard Swipe-Chip Premium 2.9 %
  • Visa Master Swipe-Chip High-Spend 1.7 %



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How Card Processing Works

Credit card payment processing in USA takes place in two phases: authorization (getting approval for the transaction that's stored with the order) and settlement .

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